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Cheese variants

The varying textures and unique flavours of different cheeses are due to the origin of the milk used, the length of the ripening process, and the differing ingredients. Toubar uses a number of different production methods, all of which produce the finest Egyptian cheeses.

Naturally-ripened cheese

Processed cheese
Processed cheese is made by melting cheese and then allowing it to solidify. It can be made from a mixture of different types of cheeses and there are many varieties. Adding moisture to melted cheese turns it into cheese spread while smoking re-melted cheese produces smoked cheese. Toubar processed cheese is made from 100% natural butter, is ideal for grating and is also used for industrial purposes.

The health benefits of cheese

Cheese is extremely nutritious and one of the most convenient, healthy and versatile foods around. Most cheeses are packed with several essential nutrients which are important for good health at any age. The different nutrients in cheese play many important roles within the body.

Just two slices of Edam cheese in a daily balanced diet deliver approximately half of your recommended amount of calcium, vitamin B12 and vitamin K2. Daily consumption of two slices of Edam cheese provides substantial amounts of protein, vitamins A and D and several other minerals.

Cheese is rich in calcium and protein so it helps slow down tooth decay and is essential in building healthy teeth and bones.

What nutrients does cheese contain?

Milk is a natural product and the basic constituent of cheese. 10 litres of milk is needed to make 1 kg cheese. This is because cheese is a concentrated source of the fat (in dry matter), calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals found in milk. Cheese is a good source of protein and a rich source of calcium.

Cheese is an important source of vitamins A, B2, B12, D and K2. Vitamins are essential for providing energy, making new tissue, removing waste and ensuring that all organs are able to work properly.

Dairy fat contains relatively high amounts of conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, which is essential for growth and several other body functions. As the quantity of moisture in cheese is not constant, the fat content is usually expressed as a percentage of the dry matter (fat in dry matter). The dry matter of an immature Edam contains 40% fat, which means the final product contains 23g of absolute fat per 100g.

Proteins play a major role in the upkeep of our bodies’ health and wellbeing. They are essential for the growth and repair of tissue. Compared with other foods, cheese is an important source of protein. 35g of cheese gives just as much protein as 50g of meat, making it a great alternative.

Milk and cheese are great sources of calcium for the human body. Just four slices of cheese can contain a sufficient amount of calcium to meet our body’s daily requirement. Calcium is essential in building healthy, strong bones and teeth.


Quality Assurance


Toubar is dedicated to producing top quality cheeses which is why it uses only the finest ngredients.


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